A unique Natural Development approach: AneVivo an innovative device

  1. The physiological process
  2. The different stages of the procedure
  3. The AneVivo device
  4. The benefits
  5. AneVivo treatments
  6. Development phases

Anecova’s innovative AneVivo device offers a unique more natural approach to ART by allowing fertilization and very early embryo development to occur in the mother’s womb. The embryos start their life, in the adapted and optimal conditions of the maternal environment that naturally sustain the pre-implantational embryo development.

The Natural Development procedures are straightforward using the AneVivo medical device that has been specifically designed to carry gametes, injected or inseminated eggs into the natural physiological environment of the maternal uterine cavity and to allow the possibility for the complete fertilization process and the very early embryo development to occur in vivo. The Natural Development approach offers numerous benefits to both, the mother and the embryos.