About us

Anecova is a Swiss life science company focused on creating a more natural, physiological approach to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Our goals are to bring fertility treatment as close as possible to the circumstances of natural conception and to improve the overall quality of fertility care.

The company is ISO certified (9001 and 13485) and its AneVivo device is European Certified (CE MARK) and has also received the approval of several regulators in Europe, including the HFEA in the UK. Anecova was granted the Technology Pioneer Award in 2008 at the World Economic Forum.


We stand strong on our values that are at the core of our organization and our daily activities:

  • Leadership – we make it happen
  • Innovation – we create and innovate
  • Team spirit – we grow and win together
  • Professionalism – we apply the highest standards
  • Entrepreneurship – we take initiative and create opportunities to make a better life