iv) The benefits

Direct benefits

Among the major benefits of this innovative in vivo technique, the most tangible ones are based on the fact that:

  • The Anecova procedure is the closest possible from the natural conception conditions.
  • Fertilization and the very first stages of the embryos development take place in the natural physiological environment.
  • Studies to date have received very positive reactions and enthusiasm from patients to taking an active part in the first phases of the development of life.


Potential clinical benefits

The potential clinical benefits of the Natural Culture approach are numerous. 

In vivo, the impregnated eggs bathe in a physiological, dynamic environment and naturally experience all the optimized biophysical conditions and the full range of the molecules needed for optimal embryo fertilization & development and for optimal regulation of the development (genetic, gene expression regulation, epigenetic, imprinting).

In vivo, the impregnated eggs develop in an environment enabling the transmission of the parental epigenetic environment to the offspring, as it is the case in the natural conception (transgenerational epigenetic inheritance).

The uterine cavity responds and adapts to the presence of the embryos by optimally preparing for the embryo implantation process, as is similarly seen in natural conception. This response is mediated and finely controlled by molecules that are specific of the natural fluids (i.e. cytokines, growth factors, miRNA).

The Anecova’s approach is expected to open new perspectives in the related domain of ART and to resolve possible effects arising from the in vitro culture condition limitations.



Additional benefits

  • Combined with a "no stimulation" treatment, AneVivo Natural Cycle, frozen embryos can be avoided.
  • With low/no stimulation, the produced oocytes as well as endometrial lining are generally believed to be of better quality than with conventional stimulation.
  • The risk of OHSS is greatly diminished with AnVivo Mild, and entirely removed with AneVivo Natural Cycle. The physical burden for the woman minimized in both cases.

By using the Anecova approach we expect a higher Pregnancy Rate with major differences in the genetic and epigenetic regulation of the embryogenesis.