AneVivo Treatments

AneVivo Natural Fertilisation

Anecova has developed a unique in-vivo fertilisation procedure that allows the complete fertilisation process to occur inside the women’s womb. This fertilisation method can be ideally combined with traditional IVF or with procedures requiring mild or no stimulation:

  • AneVivo Natural Fertilisation

A more natural procedure for the benefit of the embryo and the future mother. In combination with AneVivo, patients can play an active role from the start. The porosity of the AneVivo’s capsule placed in the patient’s uterus, allows the embryo’s fertilisation and early development to occur “in vivo” with endometrial nutrients and factors, allowing potential crosstalk between the uterine cavity and the embryo.

  • AneVivo for Egg Donation recipients

With AneVivo Natural Fertilisation procedure, Egg Donation patients, can play an active role in the fertilization of the embryos. This is the first and one of the most important steps in the development of an embryo.

  • AneVivo Natural Cycle – No stimulation - No frozen embryos

This combination not only allows the fertilisation and early development to happen in vivo without stimulation, but also to avoid freezing any embryos. The patient follows her own cycle and each month goes to the clinic for a pick up. After a small number of oocytes have been collected, the patient can have the AneVivo Natural Fertilisation procedure.

This procedure could also be done with stimulation, managing transfers with no freezing of embryos.